First Custom Build

Hi guys I would like to open up my first blog by saying welcome. Hopefully you will find some of my posts useful. I have built many custom computers over the last few years however my most recent project and a few friends and family has encouraged me to open this blog. So to start things off I posted a picture of what is my current media pc. I started off with an Intel G3258 CPU and paired it with a Gigabyte B85M-D3H motherboard. Corsair is my number one choice for ram so I installed 8 GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHZ ram. At the time of my original build Corsair was also my primary choice for power supplies so I went with a Corsair RM550 550 watt power supply. I was looking for a cheep and simple hard drive for my operating system and at the time Kingston had a few good options so I ended up going for a simple 128gb Kingston SSD and installed windows 10 on it. I wasn’t sure what case to go with so I took a walk around my local computer store and the Bitfenix Prodigy M caught my attention so I decided to give it a try. Over all I was pretty happy with the system however recently I decided I wanted something a bit cleaner. So I began looking for a new case and it didn’t take long for me to come across the Fractal Design Define C mini. I was lucky to find one at my local store and quickly picked it up. I was pleasantly surprised by the room in the case and the support for water cooling. Remembering I had a set of water cooling components out of a previous build I quickly dusted them off and fitted them into my new case along with an XFX 5770 graphics card and all the components out of the Prodigy case.



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