Project Enthoo Itx

I completed this project more than a year ago, early January, 2016. I began plans to replace my primary gaming computer. A friend introduced me to a computer case by Phanteks, the Enthoo Evolv ITX which, to date is my first and only ITX build. I wanted to build something unique so I began looking seriously at custom water cooling and how I could incorporate that into the Enthoo ITX case. This is what I came up with.


CPU                    I7 6700k

Ram                   Corsair LPX DDR4 16gb

Motherboard   Gigabyte GA-Z170N Gaming 5

video card        Asus GTX 760 DCU-2 2gb

power supply  Evga Supernova G2 Gold 750watt

2 Western Digital 1TB Blue

Case                  Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX



When planning on the water cooling components, I immediately discovered how critical it was to measure everything precisely. To keep costs down I went with Phobia for the reservoir and CPU block. I had some issues tracking down a pump that would fit in the ITX case without modifying it or taking away room planned for the hard drives. I finally settled on an EK-DCP 4.0 pump and managed to position it about half an inch above the hard drive cage. This would come back to haunt me. A couple of weeks into running the completed system, I decided to flush the water cooling system due to overheating issues. The result – the radiator was not properly filled and was half full of air. Once I had the system properly flushed and refilled, I powered it up and almost immediately my two Western Digital drives broke there raid 0 and one of them started to reset repeatedly. After talking to Western Digital, they offered to RMA the drive so I quickly sent out the defective drive. About a week later I received the replacement drive only to install it and it and have the exact same issue. I spent two weeks troubleshooting the issue by replacing the motherboard and as I was about to replace the power supply I stumbled upon the underlying issue. The pump, which was sitting one inch from my failing hard drive was producing a magnetic field that was causing the hard drive to reset! I repositioned the pump and flipped the hard drive upside down in its cage and for the first time in three weeks my system was stable.

The new build ran stable for several months until I decided I wanted to remove the soft tubing from the water cooling system and install PETG tubing. I also thought it would be a good time to relocate the pump farther from the hard drives. I planned a new layout and ordered the new fittings. I picked up a heat gun and in a short time I had the new layout up and running but with more problems! When I configured the new water cooling loop, I failed to take into account proper flow and the loop kept building up air pressure. At this point I decided that the ITX case was just a bit too small for the loop that I was looking for so I installed an air cooler and began to plan a proper ATX water cooled pc in the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX tempered Glass.

More to come!


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